Nordstrom Rack/NE Mall

  1. The Nordstrom Rack at North East Mall in Hurst, TX will be closing by the end of the year. I am going today to see if they have any good deals and I will be sure to report back.
  2. ^^Really? How come? I've only been there once last year...maybe I need to go back before the end of the year. Let us know what you see! :yes:
  3. OH NO!!!!! I get some shoes and DH's clothes there:sad:
    Nords just doesn't do that well in that area. . . . they should move over here by me :biggrin:
  4. It's just the Rack that is closing. I think that they will begin to discount items beginning on the 26th. I did not get a chance to go tonight since it took me 45 minutes to find a parking place at the mall.
  5. ^:yes: I know. . . but the actual Nords doesn't get half the great stuff the Northpark store gets.
    I've asked them several times and they've confirmed that:sad:
  6. OMG..:wtf: I'm there at least once a week if not twice! I love that place cause they have great designer jeans for much less than the regular Nordstrom.
    Do you know why they are closing down? When will the sale start? I'm so sad over this.

  7. I'm guessing it doesn't sell enough.
    We've lost a Saks recently and Nords has told me they don't do enough business to carry some of the premium brands the other Nords carry.
  8. I'm sorry you have to lose the Nordstrom Rack :s I went about three weeks ago while visiting family. I bought so many pairs of Coach flats and espadrilles because they were very inexpensive. I got a pair of black Legacy flats for only $50!!

  9. There is definetly a big difference between the two. The Nordstrom at NorthEast Mall is very similiar to the one at Stonebriar.
  10. The will be a new Nordstrom Rack opening near Northpark in 2009.