Nordstrom Rack - MJ blake

  1. Has anyone seen a MJ blake at Nordstrom rack? is there anyway I can get them to locate one by phone. Has anyone seen one anywhere? and for how much? TIA!
  2. Hi, look at the sale thread on the top. If the color doesn't matter, there's been a few lately. Mostly Berry and Emerald I believe.
  3. Last week my NR in MD had the Berry and Kelly Green Blakes for $429.
  4. As of last Sunday, there were 2 each of the Berry and Kelly Green Blakes at the NR in Los Angeles, CA (Howard Hughes Center)
  5. They are definitely still out there, as I just got one! I called all of the NR in Illinois and got lucky . . . the Northbrook store had just received one the night before. It is kind of annoying to call around though because none of the SA know any of the bag style names. Make sure that you double check that it does not have a buckle closure (venetia) and ask for the style number. Even after doing that, I was still worried until I opened the box that I had been shipped the wrong thing. Good luck!
  6. I just bought a Kelly Green Blake from a NR in Florida. I agree you need to verify you are getting the correct bag. You can't return the bags. Good luck.
  7. Do either of you have the style # on hand? or pics of your new bag? congrats by the way!
  8. The style number on my Blake is C353004. The venetia I believe is C353005. I made them describe the compartments to me when I called. Three compartments, the outer two close with a zipper and the inner compartment closes with a snap. Here is a picture of mine:

  9. thanks so much!
  10. Hey the straps on my blake got a bit sticky, what can i do about that?
  11. I think that I saw a Blake at Neiman Marcus Last call Auburn Hills MI over a week ago. It was pink. I don't remember the price.
  12. My Kelly Green Blake has the same style # listed in the previous post #C353004.