Nordstrom Rack in NYC

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  1. For all of the NYers out there, I'm going to be in the city this weekend. I'm wondering, is the NR there worth checking out? I'm a frequent visitor of my local NR, and find great deals about half the time I go. I'm going to go to the one in NYC regardless, but I'm wondering if I should plan on spending a lot of $$ once I get there.
    I've always been told that the more "high end" the location of those types of stores, the better the merchandise. What has been your experience at that particular Rack?
    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. I'm not a NYCer but I wanted to say have fun!
  3. I haven't been there since the summer, but its ok. Nothing too high end with the bags, mostly Rebecca Minkoff and Betsey Johnson, and shoes included Burberry and Tory Burch. I never have the patience to look at the clothes, its always crowded there. Go in the morning, it shouldn't be that crowded.
  4. ^^ Same here, haven't been there since they opened (around spring/summer?). I didn't really see anything that caught my eye. I would suggest going to Century 21 (downtown Manhattan) instead, they have better merchandise and deals.
  5. I went to the one in NYC, and the one in Long Island in the Source Mall. I had GREAT luck at the Long Island location. Thanks Ladies!!!!
  6. I'm not surprised the LI location was better- I still haven't been to either store yet! Ugh.
  7. Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier. The NR in Union Square sucks. I'm used to going to the one in Potomac Mills, which usually has some good shoes. The one here just doesn't really have anything that great. They don't have any Choos, no Manolos, no Prada. If you're looking for some lesser designer bags that have Minkoff, Treesje, and a few D&G. I've never looked through the clothes, but the place is pretty small.