nordstrom rack in glendale, ca

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  1. i saw two tutti scuolas around 90 dollars.
    i never really loved the print and plus i already i have a scuola... so i didnt get it.
    im just telling you guys who live near glendale that there are some tokidoki in nordstrom rack. :biggrin:
  2. -.- I was in the shopping center last night but they closed when I got there but it's alright never really a big fan on tutti
  3. i went to the nordstrom rack in colma, ca last thursday and they only had a citta portatelefono with an adios qee.
  4. i was at the rack in glendale over the weekend and they had one black (with citta lining) bambino. i don't remember if there was a qee or not and i think it was around $60 maybe.
  5. ooo I was just here today but I totally forgot to check if they had tokidoki but the place looked picked over anyways - no luck
  6. ive noticed that more people go there compared to last year..