nordstrom rack. gucci sunglasses for a great deal!

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  1. Hi all,

    I was at the Nordstrom rack near Alderwood Mall (Seattle, WA) and there were a bunch of designer sunglasses for a great deal. I bought Gucci sunglasses for $69.90 and original price was $260 - that's 73% off!!! Very happy indeed. I regret not buying 2 pairs, but I already have 5 different pairs anyways. they also had Coach, Valentino, Fendi, etc.

    Go take a look :smile:

    Happy shopping!
  2. WOO HOO! That's a great deal! Congrats!
  3. WoW! Great deal!
  4. Great deal!!!
  5. That's great..Good for you!! BTW has anyone been to the Gucci outlet in New Jersey?
  6. wow!!! great price! congrats
  7. what a steal.... congrats on your new sunnies :supacool:
  8. thanks for posting! i checked it out and got pair too :tup:
  9. :nuts: WOW!!! such a great deal....i wish i get lucky in our rack here also. Great BUY!
  10. yay! my pleasure. congrats on your pair :smile:
  11. thanks all. if you don't live near one you can call the store and they will do a charge send. but ask the SA to make sure there are no scratches because there was a very tiny one on the original pair i picked up so i grabbed a different one.
  12. i forgot to ask which style did you get?
  13. hi gucci lover - i'm not sure of the name but i will try to post a pic on here tomorrow because they really are a nice pair. and i'll try to look for pics of the other ones they had. they had only 3 styles and 1 had 2 colours - a brown and beige. all were the same price. the valentino ones had crystals at the top. and the coach ones were pink.
  14. aww thanks! if you look on the side of your sunnies, you can post the style number here and i can look it up. I have style number 2965/S in black and they're my fav. I just ordered the dior glossy 1 online last night, i hope they fit ok.
  15. Here's the pic of the one I have