Nordstrom Rack - Fake Sunglasses????

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  1. I stopped by the Nordstrom Rack yesterday afternoon to check out some pj's and the sunglass wall stopped me in my tracks - sunnies from Fendi, Valentino, Dior...but when I felt them on and compared them to my 3 pairs of various authentic sunnies in my purse, they just felt cheap.

    Does Nordstrom Rack sell fake items???? I mean, they do sell drugstore items like nuetrogena and other low-quality items that are NOT sold in regular Nordstrom store AND they sell cd's at the checkout, so I'm wondering what the deal is?? Does anyone know for sure? the fendi glasses were so flimsy and not of good quality at all...
  2. i have never seen fakes there. they usually have like a few styles and then 20 pairs of all the same design, so i doubt they would all be fake. i also noticed that on most of their sunglasses, they engrave an R on the inside arm.
  3. do you think that they are maybe samples or made especially for outlets? I wonder because they definitely do not feel real.
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  4. Even in boutiques I've noticed certain styles that seem pretty flimsy...
  5. I have often been surprised at how cheap some designer sunglasses feel. I don't think they're fake, just not necessarily the quality you'd expect.
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  6. I hope not!
  7. I think they might be rejects or for other markets? These do seem flimsy but i highly doubt that NR will sell fake sunglasses in large quantities
  8. Me too!

    I bought a few pairs several months ago (Valentino and Gucci) and they seem fine to me. The only thing I noticed was that they had a mark etched into them (on the inside) that I assumed was to prevent returns to the regular stores.
  9. I have a pair of Chanel sunglasses from Selfridge's in London and I know they are real...but if I didn't know better I'd think they were fake. The other pair of Chanels I have are from Paris Chanel and again, of course they are real, but they look and feel much nicer. I think they just mark those up a lot and are made for next to nothing.
  10. They definitely don't sell fakes, I mean in theory someone could buy a pair of real ones and return a pair of fake ones, but they'd have to have major skill to get that sticky tag from around the arm on to another pair of sunglasses. Plus, NR carves an R into the arm of the glasses.

    There are many pairs of designer sunglasses that are flimsy and feel cheap, that's why they are at the Rack, they weren't big sellers.
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  11. I think I know which ones you're talking about, at least the Dior ones - my NR and even Off 5th and Last Call have had these flimsy Diors in stock for over a year now. They are made of cheap-feeling plastic, in white and pink and other random colors right? They look like they don't even belong in like, a Target store, yet they retailed for $300+ go figure...
  12. some of the sunglasses *might* be straight to discount styles. i know that some of the designer jean styles for SFAM & R&R were made specifically for discount retailers such as NR, Off 5th, etc. and some feel that the denim quality is not the same as the quality found at full retail stores... so, the same might be true for other items that these stores carry
  13. I have to say I bought Fendi sunglasses on sale at regular Nordstrom and they have been awful. THey have come apart so many times and I had them fixed so many times, I stopped wearing em.

    I wonder if certain styles are put on sale or sent to the rack.
  14. Wow...are you for real about the lower quality Rand R denim? I believe it because I ordered a pair from a very very reputable website and they were terrible quality. I sent them back. I know my RandR jeans and know how they should feel. Actually the last pair I bought in a nice store have stretched out more in areas that they shouldn't. I am really skinny (don't hate me, I am kind of too skinny to wear it doesn't look right) so they should really stretch out so much.

    Aslo, my Chanel sunnies from Selfridge's are undeniabley fake feeling but they came with the authenticity stuff and everyone knows Selfridge's would not seel fakes. Sad, huh? I love htem anyway but they feel like Walmart glasses.
  15. yea, I am not convinced that they are real, or if they are, if they would ever be sold at a regular nordstrom. When you put on a pair of sunnies from nordy's or neimans, the plastic feels like silk, and the actual sunglass is smooth and clear, but these ones from the rack feel almost like they are foggy and the plastic isn't smooth. And I wouldn't be complaining if they were like 30 bucks or whatever, but to be selling them for 150+ makes me rather annoyed.
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