Nordstrom Rack - Coach Sunglasses

  1. I got 2 pr of Coach sunglasses at The Rack tonight for $59.99 each. They had a few models out. Not sure what models I got.

    Just an FYI in case you were interested.

    I did check the shoes. They had holiday pw sneakers and some other shoes. Just not my type. I have little fat feet so I have to be selective anyway.
  2. ^^That's a great price!^^:yes:
  3. wow! great price! pics?
  4. Excellent Price! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Great looking out! Please post pictures of your new shades:smile:
  6. Alicia & Stacey:

    (don't mind the dog hair & scratches on the glass, etc)

  7. VERY cute!!! again, congrats, that is an awesome find.
  8. Which one are the Staceys? I'd love to own a Coach product that has my name (even if it is spelled wrong!) Is it the ones on the right (with the smaller frames)?
  9. Stacey on right.

    They had some of the Legacy Resort Line Sun glasses too but I didn't like that design.
  10. Wow, I'm jealous! Great deal. :smile: That's $10 cheaper than the outlets!
  11. What a deal. Congrats on such a great bargin.
  12. King of Prussia Store, in the handbag section, near the register line. They had the dust cloths too so make sure you get a complete set (I made sure I got a good case too).
  13. i like the two you got! one's small and one's big. good picks on both ends of the spectrum. the larger one has a great hue. and yay on the deals you got. i love going to Nordies rack and seeing great deals they've got on sunnies. beats paying full retail at boutiques. good one!
  14. Your sunnies are great -- love the Staceys especially! Congrats on finding two pairs for the price of one!
  15. is it all Nordstroms...i need some like that....