Nordstrom Rack Coach Shoes

  1. Well, me and my wide feet are trying out a pr or 2 of the black signature lace up shoes. The rack is having an event and had a variety of Coach Shoes out. I normally wear a 7-7.5 but these seemed to fit in an 8. I will let you know how I make out. Right now it is not Coach shoe weather here in Philly though. Might take a while for the ground to clear...
  2. I also have wide feet and Coach seem to really fit well.
  3. I have wide feet and coach shoes fit great except my flip flops. And the Rack is a GREAT way to get them! I'm headed out to Philly in a few minutes...might need to hit the Rack on the way home...I'm still sitting on a credit for Nordstroms that would make them an even better deal if they brought more in (when I was at the KoP rack a few weeks back they had NO coach....I was so depressed!)
  4. They sent out cards about the event (I just got a Nordies Card at XMas Time). I got a nice Kors handbag. Can't figure out why they wrote the prices in big black numbers in the Palm beach Style ones???

    Anyway, the Coach shoes are in their own designer section. They had a lot of sandal style shoes which I don't wear.
  5. I got that postcard in the mail and I forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. I only look at the designer section when I'm at the rack...but the one at Kop had no coach last time I was there....I usually have better coach luck at the one in towson, md anyway...

    with the turnpike mess today I decided to stay on the road....otherwise I would have gotten home way later tonight than previously planned!