Nordstrom Rack Coach Arrivals Tues 8/14

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  1. Nordstrom Rack is getting a new shipment of Coach Shoes and other accessories. The postcard indicated arrivals on Tuesday, 8/14, but these were there yesterday:


    They had a few more styles, but DH made me stop taking pics! He thought I was crazy. One was a blueish colored flat with open toe, a closed toe flat in khaki... can't remember what else.

    There were also some Brown Chelsea Hobos that didn't do so well at the Anniversary Sale and were transferred (now $112). This was at a smaller store also (Long Beach, CA) - so I imagine larger ones would have a better selection.

    I posted this in the Retail thread as well, but didn't want you gals to miss out!
  2. Wow! Thanks for the heads up. Hope they get some bags in too!
  3. Ooo I'll be sure to check that out Tuesday! Especially since I'm off that day :wlae:
  4. Did anybody find any good buys? I was thinking about going but I don't really need to spend the money. :sad:
  5. They had lots of shoes, Noel flats were 90, the same ones we just got at Macy's for 47. But boy are people pigs! Shoes thrown all over the place, a pair left on the floor because they were too lazy to pick them up and put them back in the box. What a mess, it was shameful.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I might go check out the shoes.
  7. Okay, so I was in a bit of a daze at all the sale stuff- here's what I was able to snap for you all. Again, sorry for the bad treo doesn't have a flash (and I discovered that AFTER I had it uploaded with phone book info! - ARGH!)

    There's going to be a few posts - lots of pics!

    img093.jpg img082.jpg img083.jpg img084.jpg img086.jpg
  8. img085.jpg img088.jpg img089.jpg img090.jpg img091.jpg
  9. img092.jpg img094.jpg img097.jpg img100.jpg img095.jpg
  10. ^Wow, thanks for all of those photos, yvalenz!!
  11. WOW thanks for all the photos!
  12. Wow! Thanks for the heads up!