NORDSTROM RACK: Botkier, Gryson, etc

  1. JUST A HEADS UP, the inventory from Nordstrom post sales have ended up at the NR's, I scored the cutest Botkier Trigger in black, a Gryson Jesse in smoke, and Gryson Amanda is the cutest blue color for all under $600 including tax! What a steal! I saw a couple Mulberry's, more Grysons, I got the last Botkier, some Coach, and other stuff so head on over to your nearest NR!
  2. Do you know if they take phone orders?
  3. The one in San Leandro has 4 MJ Berry 2 Pocket Small Shoulder Bag for ~350, 1 Kooba in tan large tote
  4. Im not sure if they do at the brea one but you can call and try! the number is 714-529-4222...good luck!
  5. how much was it? was it the e/w trigger? thanks in advance!
  6. yeah i got the black east west trigger its so nice!
  7. Thanks! I'll give them a call in the morning.:heart:
  8. Thanks so much-I ordered one of the Grysons this AM and got the one that I really wanted. The SA told me that she has one bag left in raspberry, but didn't know the model name for sure. It is smaller than the Molly. But she also said it had visible scratches. I'm sure some leather conditioner would help that. It was $187.50. Thanks again for the advice! I lived in Brea for 6 years back in the 90's, and the closest Rack at that time was in Chino. :rolleyes:
  9. JNH14-Did you ordered with the NR at Brea? I actually went to the Brea one two weekends ago and then to the Chino one last weekend. I did not see anything eyecatching other than 3 MJ berry MP. I'm not sure if the place was already done picking. :confused1:
  10. I just ordered it this morning from the Brea Rack for $169 for the Gryson Molly. I know that the raspberry bag was smaller, but must have been more expensive to egin with as it was $187.50. Call and talk to Eugenia.
  11. Wow! How much did you pay for your Trigger if you don't mind me asking? I just called a whole bunch of Nordstrom Racks right now and they don't even know what I am talking about when I mentioned the word "Botkier."

  12. You'd have to ask the girl that bought the Botkier-I only bought the Molly.
  13. Thanks JNH14. I might swing by to check out what they still have.
  14. I bought the Botkier in black for roughly $160 plus tax it was $610 regularly, its gorgeous and leather is soooo soft! My favorite bag so far!
  15. Wow what an insane price! I bought my Trigger in Bronze for $180 at Neimans Last Call. I love that style.