Nordstrom Private Sale

  1. Did anyone see any difference between "Private sale" and regular sale items? -
    I got e-mail too, but didn't see anything different myself.

  2. I've noticed no difference in price at all during other "Private Sale(s)" as well. I guess Nordstroms considers that they're Private Sales since they're not as heavily advertised.
  3. I guess if you go sale section you will not be able to see those items they put on private least this is what I didn't see.
  4. Mmmm - Have seen a difference in price before with Bloomingdales' on-line "private sale" -
    But even using my personal "private-sale" notice I didn't see difference with Nordies. - Oh well .....!
  5. I bought an EL bag in graphite (that I was going to buy anyway) since I was never able to find the Estella med tote in that color. Thanks for the heads up bea8480!