Nordstrom presale

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  1. I was able to presale a med chloe paddington today at the nordstrom westfield/valley fair. They had quite a few bags for anyone that's interested. Lots of d&g, marc jacobs and chloe as well as a few others. They were 40% off. Ask for Georgette. She is very helpful.
  2. How much did you get the paddy for?? Thanks for posting! Do you remember the specific styles of the chloe and MJ bags?
  3. The paddy was $669.00. I don't remember the specific styles as I looked at so many and the sa took me in the back room which was very cluttered. Most of the marc jacobs were the med quilted type with the gold chains. Most of the chloes were really large so I didn't really focus on them. Sorry I couldn't give you more info.

  4. oh my!!! where is westfield/valley fair???
  5. Wesfield/Valley Fair is in San Jose, CA. All the Nordstroms should be having the sale. Some bags on sale are Marc Jacob Venetia (Black), Chloe Bay, and Marc Jacobs Blake (Peanut and Bordeaux) and I don't remember the rest. They have quite a few styles, and a lot are pre-sold already. If you call any Nordstroms, the SAs should have a list of all the bags on sale. Be sure to call early, inventory runs out quickly.
  6. 40% off, by the way!
  7. when does this sale start? and is it online as well?
  8. I was able to presale a Marc Jacobs Venetia in black and a Celine hobo in a gold speckled color. Alot of MJ's. A few Chloe's, Celine's, Michael Kors, and Jimmy Choo's (brown suede hobo and suede Alex) were for presale. I can't wait until Friday.
  9. would also be interested in knowing whether this is online ... ?
    i am trying to find the marc by marc jacobs Posh Super K Tote in red on sale ...
    thanks ;)
  10. I am not sure if it is online. If you call any Nordstroms they will tell you if it is on sale and they will track it down for you if that store does not have it in stock. Also, if it is not on sale now you can always ask to be called when the next presale happens.
  11. thanks for that. i am in Australia, so will have to wait till its online, but might call them anyway just to see if they are planning on putting it on sale,

  12. I would call if I were you. Many styles Nordstroms online doesn't carry. I was able to locate The Kid (small stam) through a very helpful Nordstroms SA. If you call Aaron at Mall of America (info listed under the MJ sales sightings thread), he can tell you exactly which bags will be getting marked down. He can also assist you in which stores have which inventory.
  13. thansk for the info!!

    Kalimarie, how much was the kid??? I really wanted to get one myself!!

  14. I believe she said it was around $779. It was 40% off full retail. I think 40% off is a great price for Marc Jacobs. Call Aaron. He can hook you up with the stores that have them. I believe they come in black, ivory (beige?), and plum. I think there is another color (goldish), but I am not sure. Good luck.
  15. Yes, Nordstrom online sale isn't great in my memory, it doesn't carry as much inventory as the sale in the stores. But of course, most items get sold during the pre-sale, which leave little to be sold online.