Nordstrom Presale Fiasco!

  1. So I used my presale card on Wednesday and paid for a Juicy velour tracksuit to be picked up today at Will Call. I went to WC at 7:15 am and there was a line with only 2 Sa's at the desk. At 8am it was my turn and I gave them my yellow 8:30am the SA came back and said he could not find my merchandise! I asked to speak to the manager. At 8:45 she appeared and said she would find my merchandise and to go ahead and leave and they would drive it to my home today....(she also handed me 4 free lunch coupons). At Noon they called and found the tracksuit and are on their way over to my home to hand deliver it. This was the first time Nordstrom had ever done this presale event and I guess the kinks weren't worked out because there were many other customers on line with me who didn't have their stuff at WC either.
  2. Not bad-it was a long wait in line-but, in the end you got your merchandise and some free lunches!

  3. ^^ Ditto. At elast you got it. I wonder if some ladies didn't get their stuff. Free lunch!!!
  4. At least they found it and compensated you something. I love Nordies customer service. I'm just hoping it's not a mad house when I go.
  5. Wow...was this at the downtown Seattle store? Glad they at least tried to make up for your inconvenience!
  6. This was at the Bellevue Square Nordstrom. My SA just delivered it to my door and said no one had bothered ringing it up since Wednesday that's why they couldn't find it anywhere....I gave him an ice cold 7-Up for his trouble. Apparently all the Juicy Velour tracksuits are sold out now.
  7. Um, that's better than my experience. At my store, they don't use a "will call" system, you're just supposed to go to the department and let them know that you had a pre-sale. Well, I went this morning. They couldn't find my items after looking. So then they told me that the SA that sold my items would be in later in the day and that she'd call me with the status.

    Few hours later, she calls to say it's there, and will be rung up ASAP. I went this evening to specifically go pick up the pre-sale. Well, I waited for FIFTY MINUTES while they tried to find my pre-sale. They finally found it after the store was closed. All I got was a "sorry about that." It was nice to pre-select all my items and make sure I got my sizes. But after this experience, I think I might just have my purse guy sell me my clothes--he's more reliable!
  8. This may sound weird, but I don't hit the Nordstrom sales the first week. Its not worth enduring the frenzy. What I do is I wait, and most of the time by the time I get there, people have had buyer's remorse and have returned some of the stuff they bought in the first-day frenzy. I always end up finding what I want.
  9. Just had the free lunches with my kids and feeling very happy!