Nordstrom pre-sale: SA fibbing to get a bigger sale??

  1. I was browsing the purses at Nordies today when a SA approached me and asked me if I knew that the Anniversary Sale was coming up and that I could do a presale with a minimum purchase of $500.00 (!!). OMG! Did she just make that up?? I casually mentioned,"Well, where does it say there has to be a min. $500 purchase to do a presale? I got the postcard in the mail and I didn't see any such limitations." Then she told me,"Well if you got the postcard, then you're ok. You don't have to do a $500 minimum."
    Honestly, I have never heard of such a thing, and I don't think it's right! Esp. when a SA from another Nordies was going to let me presale a little L.A.M.B. key wallet (around 50-so bucks) a few days ago.
  2. That is weird! I went to a Nordstrom earlier this month for the first time in my life, so I had no such special invitation, nor was it asked of me - the SA brought the sale up herself. And she let me pre-order a LAMB bag for $350. So, I don't know what the SA you saw was talking about... :confused1:
  3. I've experienced either friendly SA's that will pre-sale to anyone and the one's that wont even call you back. I ended up ordering my LAMB bags from Riverside Nordies. The SA's are really nice and you can spend as little or as much as you want. Thats unfortunate that they tried to lie to you.
  4. during the womens' and kids' sale about a month ago i was invited to pre-sale by a really nice SA. she ended up making three sales off of me because of this - one item was even at regular price! - and gaining a regular customer as i plan to go back to her for fall merchandise. none of the other SA even mentioned the pre-sale... i guess it depends on the SA.

    this time around for the anniversary sale i got a card in the mail - again i think because she put me in the system... but the card says that in order to continue getting pre sale invites next year i have to sign up for a nordstrom's card...

    so i am not sure if they are trying to eventually toughen things up or what... in any event i have never heard of a $500 rule.
  5. I have never heard of a $500 minimum purchase.

    As far as I know, in order to be a part of the pre-sale, you need to be a premier Nordstrom card holder (spend $2000/yr). Some SA's will let regular non-Premier cardholders pre-sale though.
  6. I was told the same thing about spending 2,000 a year in order to get the presale invitation.
  7. Geesh I've never heard that. I've gotten the cards but I don't think I spend that much a year there. Maybe I do and don't realize it. Eek. :push:
  8. I've never heard of a $500 minimum for the pre-sale. Maybe she's new and misunderstood.
  9. I used to work at a Nordstrom in cosmetics and we were exempt from the $2000 Aniversary Sale requirement for pre-sales. The company regulation was that you had to have the qualifying sales in the prior year in order to be offered pre-sale, but there was no minimum purchase. SA's are expected to make sales numbers so unless their manager is checking it behooves them to pre-sell to anyone who is interested.

    I was told by one of my former co-workers that next year they are going to restrict the pre-sales to those who make $2,000 or more on a Nordstrom card (ie $2,000 + sales on a non-Nordstrom card will not qualify you to make presales orders for the Aniversary sale.
  10. That's weird because other stores put signs up basically advertising presale (I think I may have seen something like that at Saks?). I hope this isn't the beginning of the end (of the awesome way Nordstrom treats all customers)!
  11. This year I was sent an invitation to presale, but in the past, SAs have just mentioned it and brought me back to see the stuff. I've never heard of a $500 minimum and that sounds pretty fishy to me.
  12. Last year they sent pre-sale invitation to DH who does never shop at Nordstroms (may be a couple of times he paid for my purchases there, though)
  13. Megs had the same thing happen in April when she was going to get a $100 off her purchase (part of the pre-sale campaign). She had to spend $500+ to qualify.
  14. I too have never heard of a minimum purchase required in a pre-sale - yikes!
  15. That's a blatant lie. My sister works at Nordstrom and I asked her directly. There is NO minimum. You should stay far far FAR away from that SA because she is desperate to make a sale and will do anything. My sister tells me that there is SO MUCH pressure to do well in pre-sales this year which is why SAs are getting really cutthroat. I recommend that you march back and tell the SA's manager about this- this should NOT be happening.