Nordstrom PDF Files of Chanel F/W

  1. Roey was nice enough to send me the large pdf files that her Nordstrom SA sent her of Chanel F/W bags + accessories. I only cut and pasted the bags, as there were so many accessories and just doing the bags alone took me forever!

    They are seperated into Pre-Fall, Act 1, and Act 2.


    prefall1.jpg prefall2.jpg prefall3.jpg prefall4.jpg prefall5.jpg prefall6.jpg prefall7.jpg
  2. Act 1

    act1-1.jpg act1-2.jpg act1-3.jpg act1-4.jpg act1-5.jpg
  3. Act 2

    act2-1.jpg act2-2.jpg act2-3.jpg act2-4.jpg
  4. :::drool:::

    Thanks, Edna! I think I'm going to skim a bit off my husband's classic car collection $$$ to grab a few new purses. :nuts:
  5. That is awesome! Thank you for doing that
  6. You're awesome! I got them via e-mail as well and haven't had the energy to do anything w/ them!
  7. WOW! thanks so much for doing that! i loved looking at all the bags
  8. Swanky,
    Before I start to look thank you so much for doing this. On this forum it is just like a group of friends helping each other out. I never imagined when I signed up that I will have the pleasure of meeting so many outstanding women. OMG, this will cost me dearly.
  9. wow! thanks so much for posting! i am seriously drooling!!
  10. Edna
    U r a kind soul, thank you.
  11. Edna - thank you SOOO much! Wow, I can just imagine the time it took to do that and thank you, I appreciate it!

    I now have an additional 6 bags to add to my wishlist.
  12. edna many thanks!!
  13. Edna, i knew you rocked the moment i realized that pink head-o-hair and black luxe bowler belonged to you...

    too many bags!! not enough paychecks...! -time to ask the boyfriend for a donation, lol
  14. are you a doll!!! thankYOUU!!!