Nordstrom & PCE?

  1. I read somewhere on here that Nordstrom will match the PCE? Is that really true? Anyone had luck with it? They have something that the store is out of, but I have spent so much lately...I can justify it better with the 25% off.


  2. If your particular Coach boutique is out of something you want, they will have it shipped to you Fedex at no additional charge. As far as Nordstroms is concerned, I don't know if they honor PCE cards but perhaps you can call your Nordies and ask to speak to someone in the handbag department.
  3. They did for me, all you need is the card. They're a great store. It makes sense that they would honor the discount since they want your business. The only way they may not honor it is if it is exclusive to their store. Otherwise if you can get it from Coach then you should be able to get it from them with the discount.
  4. I betcha they will if you ask them. They're really concerned with providing their customers with great customer service. That's why so many people love them!
  5. My Coach SA said to check with him to see if he can get a bag for me before getting it at a Dept Store (I got mine from Nordstrom for specific reasons though).
  6. Thanks everyone. I would have Coach order it for me, but it is now unavailable. They tried, it showed 2 left, but then they called this evening and it is a no go :sad: Second time this has happened this week on something they had to order.

    Oh well, I will try and see, if not, not a huge deal. I just remember reading it somewhere on one of the threads. I do prefer to go to the Coach store though!!


  7. Nordstrom will match any competitor's price on items they carry. Thus, they should give you 25% off on all Coach items during PCE.
  8. Gotta love Nordstrom!
  9. Macy's WILL NOT for sure, I already tried.