Nordstrom or Barney's NY after Xmas Sales

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  1. Did anyone visit Nordstrom or Barney's NY yesterday? Was there anything impressive?
  2. i went to Barneys yesterday and found nothing impressive. =[
  3. went to Nordstrom yesterday and scored a Marc Jacobs teal little stam for $314! i had been eying it a couple of days before and the price was $470 then. so yea, some pretty good deals :]
  4. ^ can you post some pics??? that's a great deal!
  5. I guess there weren't much.
  6. I wasn't impressed, I went to the Nordies at South Coast Plaza in CA
  7. I couldn't go this year, but from the sounds of it I don't think I totally missed out.
  8. I tried calling but kept on getting hung up on !
  9. I was all set to go to Nordies and then found out I had to work. Sounds like I didn't miss much....
  10. I went to Nordies yesterday. I did pick up a really cute pair of Gucci sunglasses on special purchase ($139).
  11. went to barneys yesterday and the shoes were really picked over, but they were up to 60% off...
  12. Spent all day in 3 different malls and I found NOTHING!!!