Nordstrom New Markdowns on Tokidoki bags starts today

  1. All L'amore Print bags are 30% off excluding denaro,bracialetto,porta.
    If you are out of state, the shipping fee is waived with the purchase of over $25.

    So grab those SKU number and start calling.

    I know Nordstrom (store #325) has a campeggio and ciaociao.
  2. i just got back from Nordstrom in stoneridge mall (pleasanton, CA) and they had a spiaggia BV for $ call call!
  3. Man!! I wish I was on vacation in Cali or something right now!! I'd go crazy!!
  4. Speaking of Nordstrom's. I did a charge send there two days ago and I am trying to get a tracking number and they keep telling me it is too soon to get one. I am so worried they haven't shipped out my bag. Is this normal? What should I do?
  5. Does anyone know if Nordstrom's will reduce prices on items previously purchased? I bought some famiglia items last week, not sure if they are also on sale?
  6. Kokebon you ROCK! Thanks so much for the info. I got a spiaggia diaper bag! The lamore and spiaggia are the only prints that they have 30% I think.
  7. Must... resist...
  8. is this markdown online or only for chargesend? i NEED a lamore ciao BAD!
  9. BAH! I was just a HUGE Nordstrom at this four-story mall in Providence, Rhode Island... and they had NOTHING! I was so keen on finding toki there, too, since I was sure they'd be stocked :cry:
  10. i dont think famiglia is on sale...but then again, i didnt see any there, sale or not =/ BUT i did pick up this GORGEOUS Kooba bag and the SA told me that i can call in from time to time to inquire about a price adjustment if they do end up selling it for less...soooo i'm thinkin you can do that for your tokis too...never hurts to try...just make sure you have your original tag and/or the reciept...both would be good.
  11. Thanks momo.chan!
  12. hey did stone ridge's nordies have ne other amores?! someone find me a nords with an amore luna please!

  13. The Ciao is not on sale. I did a check for a customer and it wasn't on sale. Only one store had it in stock in fact. Famiglia isn't on sale either. :nogood:
  14. I spoke to the SA from nordstrom and they told me that they dont carry any Luna style. me.

    Famiglia is not on sale, only the older prints, amore, bianco or spiggia. If you have purchased within 2 weeks period, I think you could get a price adjustment ONCE only. Double check on that first, its either within the first 10 days or something. Regardless, they will do one time adjustment.

    I wasnt thinking about getting a good deal today, I only called to see if they had any new prints, they told me no, but old prints are marked down. lolz

  15. haha..congrats, i got one in lamore too.