Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Offer Best-Quality Merchandise, Poll Shows

  1. Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Offer
    Best-Quality Merchandise, Poll Shows
    July 14, 2006 7:30 p.m.

    Among luxury department stores, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus offer the best-quality merchandise, according to a survey of high-end shoppers.

    In an online survey, Harris Interactive asked 2,010 U.S. adults if they had ever shopped in at least one of these five luxury department stores: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys or Bergdorf Goodman.

    Of those polled, 24% said Nordstrom sold the best quality merchandise while 21% said Neiman Marcus sold the best quality merchandise.

    Saks Fifth Avenue was third with 15% of the respondents saying they thought it had the best quality merchandise.

    When asked "How important is each of these factors to you in deciding which luxury department store to shop at?" a majority of respondents, 67%, said "Quality of service" as "very important" or "absolutely essential."

    That was followed by 51% of the respondents who said "broad selection (both in-store and online)" was "very important" or "absolutely essential."

    Elsewhere, qualities such as "preferred-customer programs and benefits" and "specific designer brand carried" were not as important to shoppers.

    As many as 56% of luxury shoppers said preferred-customer programs were "somewhat" or "not at all important," while 46% felt the same for whether a store carried a particular designer brand.

    Harris Interactive conducted this online survey in the U.S., June 27-29, 2006, among a nationwide cross section of 2,010 adults. Figures for age, gender, race/ethnicity, education, income and region were weighted where necessary to align with population proportions. Propensity score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents' propensity to be online.

    With pure probability samples, with 100 percent response rates, it is possible to calculate the probability that the sampling error (but not other sources of error) is not greater than some number. With pure probability samples of 2,010 adults, one could say with a ninety-five percent probability that the results have a sampling error of +/-3 percentage points. However that does not take other sources of error into account. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no theoretical sampling error can be calculated.
  2. Some of these places may offer really great merchandise, but I think some of their customer service skills are SEVERLY lacking....esp. Neiman Marcus.

    I won't bore all of you with my battles with lately.
  3. I think NM is really bad in terms of Customer service. If I can get it at Nordstroms or Sak's I always go there first.
  4. I love Nordies service. However, I don't think they're merchandise is as high as NM or Saks yet. NM and Saks are more consistent with their merchandise where only select Nordies have certain items. But I love that Nordies will find anything I need.
  5. Agree. I love Nordstrom's customer service. It's beyong excellent. NM's customer service is not as good as it should be.
  6. These stores sell a lot of the same merchandise.

    I find the results really misleading....
  7. ^^^ statistics can be biased to support whatever you want.

    I've had bad customer service at nordstrom and absolutely the best customer service at NM. I guess it depends on the individual's shopping experience:shrugs:
  8. I love Nordstrom's customer service, and sometimes they would match prices if the same item is for sale at a lower price at a nearby Saks, Neiman, or Bloomingdales. Nordstrom really does its best to please. I have terrible service with Neiman and so-so service with Saks and Bloomingdales.
  9. i agree.... every single female NM SA that I meet or talk to on the phone is bithcy and rude. the male SAs are nice tho.....