Nordstrom MOD cards & Credit Card... Reviews?

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  1. So, I go to Nordstrom and the Rack fairly regularly.

    I have had the Credit Card suggested to me a few times by SAs. And this last time the SA suggested the MOD card?

    It was explained to me as basically turning your debit card into a sort of perks card, offering two point per every dollar spent (debited straight from your bank account) and when you accumulate 2000 points you get a $20 Nordstrom note (and move on to Level 2?).

    I'm considering this, My husband said go for it. But I want other shoppers to tell me their experiences with both the mod card and credit card. Any problems you've run into? Unauthorized debits, price discrepencies, unexpected fees, ect?

    Thanks Ladies.
  2. I cut way back on my credit cards, so the MOD card works great for me. I literally pay "cash" (debit card) up front for every single thing I buy. I figure if I don't have the money, I don't need it - no charging! ;)

    I like the MOD card and have had no issues with it. The only thing that I do not understand is that Nordy's will do a "soft" credit check when issuing the MOD card, which I do not understanding, seeing as it is linked and funded directly via your checking account...
  3. can you have both a nordstrom cc and a mod card? I wouldn't mind linking mine up for the times when I don't want to charge things on my nordies card
  4. Yes, I'm almost certain that you can have both.
  5. just went to nordstrom bank's site and they also have a checking account w/interest (not that much but still) with debit card that you can earn points on as well...
  6. I have the Nordstrom bank sponsored Visa card that gets you points for every purchase, which then accumulate towards Nordie's gift certificates. I have found that Nordstrom's superior customer service extends to their banking services. No complaints!
  7. I have both the MOD & CC. I originally got the CC sort of on a whim to get $100 off on a big sale or something a few years back, I can't remember.

    It was to be a backup to our Citibank American Airlines card, but we now use the Nordies bank card as our primary - the banking service is superior - online access is fantastic. Access to our purchase/point data is immediate. We use the travel point system instead of the notes on the (non-Nordies) CC purchases.

    I build up note points on my Nordies purchases only.

    There are no charges to have the account. We pay our credit card off monthly, so I can't compare rates, but we had a snafu in funding from one on-line bank account to another to pay off the charges a few months ago, that we were dealing with on the phone, and their service was as smooth as if you were in the Nordies itself. I can't say enough good things about their service.

    The only drawback may be the ribbing my husband gets when he pulls out the "shopping card" at the hardware store or where ever to pay for things!!:lol: He gets the strangest comments!
  8. I think like all "loyalty" cards, these both accomplish their goals in getting buyers to purchase first with Nordies and Nordstrom Rack
    -- I know I do --- but as far as what you would get in return:
    Look closely at the level 2 perks. They offer many times through the year to double or triple the points, ( you get notices through e-mails,etc. ) so getting to 2000 is not that difficult if you shop for 8 people on a regular basis like I do.

    Do you shop on-line? -- If you do -- And I really do -- the level 2 shipping is the best perk. So I can shop from the on-line site and also have things sent to my house and to my parent's house directly from stores at no charge.

    The Nordies notes are nice returns that I ALWAYs find a way to use.

    The higher levels -- well ....... one can dream!

    OK - well, that's my Nordies sales pitch -- as you can see - I'm a satisfied customer-- definately not a worker bee there, but they've been extremely nice to me and family members over the years and has been appreciated.
  9. Thanks Ladies! I appreciate the input! :heart:
  10. How has your experience been using the travel point system? I only get the Notes for each purchase, but would consider switching to the travel if it is comparable to other programs. I used to have a gold AMEX in the past and was very happy with their program.

  11. The travel points levels for ********,credit are
    10K - 1% and 20K
    25K - 1.25%, 30K and 40K
    50K - 1.75% , 60K 70K 80K, 90K, 100K

    So this is an example of how it would work: if you want to wait for the max percentage, you save 50K points = $875. You are allowed to redeem all travel related costs in one statement. So in one cycle, you put on your Nordies CC, a car rental, two plane tickets, and a hotel. This equals, for example, $952 in charges. The next month you call up Nordies Bank rewards over the phone, tell them you want to redeem 50K points, and they deduct $875 from your credit card charges.:smile:

    For people with banking experience you'll understand what I mean when I say they are easily able to distinguish the "travel" industry costs by vendor codes when they look at your statement. I have not had a problem whatsoever with them contesting any of my charges as "travel" - no need to split your hotel bills up or anything like that!!!
  12. I love my MOD card. I wish I'd known about it sooner, I just signed up in November and am already level 2. I've earned $80 in Nordstrom notes so far. No banking issues at all here.
  13. I also love my MOD card. As others have said, it's faiirly simple to get to Level 2 if you shop for a family and watch the triple/double (and once in a rare while 10x) points programs. And it seems like I get $20 Nordstrom notes quite frequently. I've never had a problem.

    In fact, the only time they made an error it was in my favor. I spent a Nordstrom note with a brand new SA, who must have made some form of error (though she charged me correctly). A month or so later I got another $20 note and a letter saying "your last note expired and we'd like to reissue you one to replace it."
  14. Wow - that's really interesting! I had no idea how it worked. I'm currently saving up to buy a watch with my Notes. Once I redeem them, I may switch to the travel as that could really come in handy for an overseas trip I want to make soon!! I have $400 in Notes so far! :yahoo: