Nordstrom Miu Miu New Fall Bags...

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  1. I went to Nordie's tonite and saw a *BUNCH* of new Miu Miu fall bags!!

    Could not believe my eyes how many there were in 1 location. I did not take pix this time - I had my hands full - so sorry! :crybaby:But I know I'll be back there soon and will get pix next time.

    Here's what I saw --

    1. Miu Miu Soft Calf Satchel - this is the infamous "bow" satchel - BLACK

    2. Miu Miu Coffer - Leather - PLUM color! Must be new for Fall

    3. Miu Miu Framed Coffer? Not sure if that's the name - but it looks like the coffer but is smaller and has the framed top. This definitely came in PLUM and IIRC BLACK.

    4. New Style! Miu Miu tote - Verrrry nice!! Very large in size for either work or travel - I think it was quilted - had 2 handles - 1 long strap and came in off-white and also black.

    This is the PLUM Color - and now add a little bit of black to it - it's deep and dark.

  2. Tee heeee! Thanks so much Pad! I love how you go on these field trips for us and find all of our future stuff! Your photographic memory is the next best thing to your camera, too. :wlae:

    We need to alert Decophile, our Coffer Queen -- that there's a new Coffer color for her to model for us! :okay:

    Can't wait to see Miu Mius whole fall collection for fall!:yahoo:
  3. Hi Pad - thanks for the info. I'm on tenterhooks to see the new line in the shops. I've loved my bow satchel and am really tempted by it in dark brown for winter. Plum coffer - now that sounds v interesting!!
  4. Padparasha, I found a new fall winter Miu miu tote on Isn't it that tote you were talking about?
    miu miu.jpg

  5. ^^ :nuts::drool: Love that....too sharp!!!!!!
  6. Hi Pinkur...

    YES!!! That's it! It's HUGE!!!!!!!! Let me just say... huge. I would consider it the size of a large bag you would take the beach-- but that doesn't mean it isn't YUMMY... the leather on it is to die for! Just luscious!

    I kept picking it up in my hands saying... too big, but gorgeous, and then holding it etc... it really feels delicious in your hands - if you see it in the stores just pick it up and feel it. :tender:

    and Minette... I'm glad you enjoy my posts! You guys keep me excited to report back my findings! I feel bad I didn't get pix last nite - but I'll get back there soon. :graucho:
  7. Oooohhh that Miu Miu is GORGEOUS!!!!

    Pad, we loves ya, baby!! :smile:
  8. Here's a pic of the plum Coffer. The color is actually called "Purple" but is a black/plum color.

    Franklyn at the Miu Miu store in New York took a photo when I was thinking of buying this.

    I ended up at Sak's in San Francisco and ended up with the Noce (cognac brown color). The bag is large and I'm 5' so anything really dark just overwhelms me.
    purple coffer.jpg
  9. Oooh thanks for posting rjez! That's it!!!
  10. hey Pad, which Nordies were you at if you don't mind my asking? I haunt the Bellevue Square one all the time and they are doing a MAJOR expansion of their designer bags area (woo hoooo) and I saw the same Miu Miu's you mentioned....I'm in LOVE with the black leather coffer and now seeing them all the time IRL is going to be deadly for my wallet :graucho:.
  11. Pursegrrl... I was at the Topanga Plaza Nordie's -- San Fernando Valley. And this store just became "designer" over the past 6 months - so they keep expanding more and more - this is the first time I've seen Mius there - although the SA told me they had them before. I couldn't believe my eyes! I was thrilled - to have this so close to me was like heaven! :heart:
  12. I'm not a huge fan of crocodile stuff but I LOVE that bag! I'm so glad there is no such thing as Nordstrom anywhere near me (well, 2 hours and a border crossing away). =)