Nordstrom Messed Up..

  1. Over a week ago when we were all frantically searching for Chloe’s at Nordstrom’s sale, I found a black with black hardware baby Chloe Paddington. I ordered it from a SA named Deb at the Mall of America. She called me back to ask my correct billing address because the one I gave her didn’t work. (I’ve moved and currently have 2 homes in the past few months) I called my credit card to get my official billing address and then gave that to Nordstrom. My credit card was charged. I called my SA to make sure everything went through okay, since she didn’t call me. She said yes and the bag would ship out the next day (Thursday the 28th). This Tuesday (July 3rd) I checked my account online and saw that I was refunded for the bag. Baffled, I called my SA and asked what was going on. She claimed that there was a glitch and my card was refunded, and she would re-due the transaction the next day. I was never called, so I called her and left a message with another SA for her to call me when she came in. She didn’t call me, so I called her again. She then told me that she couldn’t help me anymore, because the bag was sold. She claimed she couldn’t put sale merchandise on hold for customers, even though my credit card had already been charged for the bag. I called the store manager and he apologized and said he would look into finding me another bag, even though I was told that was the last baby paddington in their system. He called me back a few minutes ago saying that Nordstrom had contacted him informing him not to assist me as a customer due to the fact that I had previously worked for the company, and recently quit. I guess Nordstrom's is seeking revenge by losing my sales??? That makes sense:nogood:
  2. That sounds crazy. Why would they not want your business if you are a former employee?
  3. That is horrible, why would they treat a former employee worse than any other person off the street?
  4. That seems completely unreasonable, especially since Nordstom has such a great reputation as fair as customer service is concerned. I had heard that they are tough on returns from former employees too, even if the stuff was purchased full price, not used, tags attached, etc.

    I would definitely ask to speak to the store manager (not just the department). At this point, what should it matter that you were a former employee. You are a paying customer just like everyone else.

    Good luck. Sounds like you might not get the bag but you deserve a BIG apology.
  5. This makes me nervous. I ordered a bag from Mall of America last week and still haven't received it. I called today and they said there was a mix up and several bags they sold were never mailed and were just sent out. They couldn't tell me if one of the bags was mine. I'm going to check my balance when I get home to see if I was charged.
  6. The sad part was I did speak to the store manager. He is the one who told me that because I'm an ex-employee he can't help me. Makes no sense to me.

    Starbuxxx I would definitely check your account to make sure they didn't refund it. It also does take them a long time to ship out though, so if you don't live near the Mall of America it could definitely take at least a week. Hope everything works out!
  7. That sux completely bizfashionista. How rude of them! The fact that you are a former employee shouldn't make one iota of difference. :cursing: