Nordstrom matches SAKS EGC! and recommend a CHANEL SA

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  1. Nordstrom is matching the Saks gift card promotion.

    call Carolyn and tell her you are Jin's friend. (CHANEL handbag at Nordstrom, Mall of America, 952-883-2121 #1390, she is super nice and very professional! highly recommended!)

    I only asked what reissues she had right now and here is her answer:

    From '09 Cruise and 227 size:
    White distressed leather with Black hardware $3095 (this is a gorgeous bag but i already had one. :sad: )
    Lt. Gold Metallic with Silver Hardware $3095
    Dr. Red Metallic with Gold hardware $3095
    Drk Brown Metallic with Gold hardware $3095
    From 08 Fall 227 size:
    Silver with silver hardware $3095

    In the 226 size reissue
    Lt Gold with silver hardware $2795
    Rose Metallic with silver hardware $2795

    good luck ladies!
  2. this is great news! but how is this possible given that Saks EGC excludes Chanel? O_O and is this true for all Nordstroms?
  3. All nordstroms is matching the saks ECG, but don't let them know that chanel is excluded (just an idea ladies).
  4. she just emailed me tonight. i guess they have not got the news yet.
  5. Hard to work because they have to verify with Saks that the bag you want is avaliable and also part of the promotion. If anyone has luck please pass it on.
  6. just give it a try. should work.
  7. /Users/naomiyang/Desktop/img1552hz2.jpg
  8. mm here's a silly question.. what is the sak's EGC event? We don't have a saks here in seattle so i've never taken advantage of it... thanks!
  9. ^They have it online as well. You're welcome to go on for more info. You earn an electronic gift card (EGC) and the amount of EGC depends on the amount you purchase. Certain restrictions apply, of course.
  10. anyone tried and succeed?
  11. they will only honor this promotion if you pre sold with them. The nordstrom in Topanga got the memo about the exclusions.
  12. thanks chanell0ve.
    i think UK is the way to go..
  13. Hi girls, I spoke tonight to my favorite SA, Julie Beyl at Nordstrom Downtown Portland 503-224-6666x 1390 and voicemail X2185, and they WILL match the promotion if it is a bag that saks has. My friend just called and told me she was able to score a GST!
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    i've made my purchase. spent $3000 (a classic jumbo caviar in black w/ SH and some other stuff) and get $1000 GC
    used that $1000 GC on a classic city in turq
    and i will get another $250 GC for this purchase! Yeah!

    Carolyn is very patient, helpful and professional! she is super! just give her a call and she will try her best to find your bag.

    btw, she did not even ask if SAKS has the same bag available or not. just tell her what you want. :smile:
  15. Wow, congratz!

    Did she charge you tax?

    Should I contact her? Ahhhhhhhh