Nordstrom Marc Sale

  1. Finally the Marc sale from Nordstroms. My SA's have said both Wed for the pre-sale of these beauties Fri.
    My SA's are Rose 801 322-4200 and Lynda (801) 261-4402
    It looked like the mark down is mostly 40%.
    I saw satchels (cinnamon), zip clutches, quilted pat of many colors, hobo's, totes.. lots of beautiful bags to be thankful for.
    and these guys are incredible. Have known Lynda for over 15 years and Rose for 6-7. Lovely SA's. Enjoy...Maggie
  2. all all the styles on sale or which ones? thx
  3. Do you mean tomorrow (Wednesday) or Friday? I thought the designer sale wasn't until next Thursday (Nov 30)? See posts below for NM designer sale...
  4. this is for Nordstrom, not Neimans
  5. Oh yes, Nordstrom! Sorry about that...anyway, when is the sale?
  6. The general sale for designer bags at Nordstrom is on the 28th but Marcs will be marked for Friday...some are selling them today. maggie
  7. I just called the Nordstrom in Long Island, NY and they said it starts on Friday
  8. DO you know if the sale will also be on their clothing?