Nordstrom Mall of America

  1. Just so everyone knows, Nordstrom Mall of America just recently started carrying a full line of Burberry handbags.

    Wonderful selection!
  2. I never knew that so I'll have to check that out! They recently added new Chanel boutiques in Nordstrom MOA, so I've been hanging out there. :p

    Where do they have the Burberry bags? Is it in the designer section with Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and all the high-end designers?
  3. It's next to the Chanel boutique, on the first floor. Gucci will be opening there in September, so Burberry and YSL and others will be kind of sandwiched between Chanel and Gucci boutiques. Bbags will be coming in May too! :supacool:
  4. yep... i saw that a few weeks ago. Nordstrom @ MOA seems to be moving toward more higher end brands!

    Von Maur also carries a decent selection of Burberry...
  5. Very true. I actually work in the CHANEL boutique. We are opening a Gucci store this year. We will be opening with the fall/winter collection, which means an open date of late July or early August. The designer department is also going to be remodeled with marble floors and other goodies. In addition to adding Burberry, we will also be carrying Dolce and Gabbana, Balenciaga, and also we will be the first Nordstrom ever to carry Fendi (and maybe even the first with a Prada boutique.)
  6. ^ wow... that's awesome! i'm excited to see Balenciaga, especially. thanks for sharing~
  7. Ohhh balenciaga. niiiiice!!