Nordstrom Mall of America Trunk Show

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America had their trunk show the past few days. Many beautiful pieces are available for pre-orders.

    The first collection is called "The Bubble Quilt." The inspiration behind this bag was bubble wrap used for packages. There are three styles that Nordstrom will receive and I have a photo of the flap version. It is very soft lambskin leather that will be coming in white or dark beige. The white is a "winter white" and the dark beige is more of taupe color or a dark grey. The bag in the photo retails for $3150.
    Bubble Quilt.JPG
  2. The second collection is called "Cashmere Cross Words." It is a fun print that is made of wool cashmere. There are two styles that can be compared to the East/West classic and Medium classic flap. The bag in the photo retails for $2250 and is the medium size.
    CC Crossword.JPG
  3. The next collection is called "Pocket in the City." It is made of a polished caviar leather that is GORGEOUS! There are three styles that will be available at Nordstrom in dark brown (almost bordeux) and dark grey (more dark brown). The three sizes retail for $1795, $2650, and $2995.
    pocket in the city.JPG Pocket in the City 1.JPG Pocket in the City 2.JPG
  4. The third collection is a beautiful runway piece called the "Royal Patchwork." This bag is a combination of calfskin, lambskin, and goatskin in metallics. The bag in the photo is the silver tones, but Nordstrom will actually only receive this bag in the gold tones (also very pretty). This piece retails for $2995.
    Royal Patchwork.JPG
  5. Next is the "Sharpey Bag" collection. The inspiration for this collection comes from the Sharpey dog, which I love. The collection will be part of both Pre-fall and Act I. Some pieces will be quilted and others will simply have the CC logo. The bag pictured retails for $2995 and is made of ultra soft lambskin. This piece will be available in white, dark brown, and black.
  6. The next collection is adorable. This piece is called "Smocked" and is a lambskin exterior with vinyl trim. This bag would be perfect for evening occassions. Nordstrom Mall of America will receive this piece in black or white and it retails for $1875.
  7. CHANELboy, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! I've been dying to see photos! Thanks!!!
  8. The next collection I'm sure everyone has at least heard of by now: The Rock. These bags have been so popular thus far. There are three sizes and three colors: black, bordeaux, dark green. Our national CHANEL representitive said that Nordstrom was basically the only retailer that purchased this collection in any color besides black. I can say that bordeaux is absolutely amazing. These bags are so light weight and surprisingly durable. The three sizes retail for $1195, $1695, and $1895.
    The Rock Bordeaux.JPG The Rock Jumbo.JPG
  9. The next collection is BY FAR my personal favorite. The collection is called "Astrakan." It is meant to look like the Persian lamb furs that people commonly wear in Russia. There is so much detail to these pieces. They are made of a wrinkled lambskin that is sew into more extreme wrinkles. I absolutely love this collection. There will be three styles that come only in black. Nordsrom MOA is only receiving one piece of each style, so they are extremely limited. The three styles retail for $1995, $2495, and $3350.

    I cannot speak highly enough about this collection.
    Astrakan 1.JPG Astrakan 2.JPG
  10. The next collection is very fun and flashy. This collection is called "Brooklyn." This is a combination of matte lambskin and calfskin patent leather. There are four styles available in black, dark brown, or bordeaux. The most popular style retails for $2795.
  11. The next collection is a continuation from Spring of this year. This is the "Expandable" collection but with new styles and colors. The two pictured are in black and dark brown. They retail for $2650 (flap) and $2295. The expandable zipper has the coolest little CC logo that comes apart in order to unzip. So unique!
    Fall Expandable.JPG Fall Expandable 2.JPG
  12. The next piece comes from the "Modern Chain" collection. This is a hobo style handbag in black caviar. It retails for $2495.
    Modern Chain Hobo.JPG
  13. The next collection is this season's version of the "CC Sport." There are three messenger styles available. The two pictured retail for $550 and $995.
    CC Sport Mini.JPG CC Sport Messenger.JPG
  14. The next piece is a new edition to the Timeless Classic collection. It is a satchel style tote that comes in a distressed caviar leather. Nordstrom MOA will receive this piece is black only for $2595.
    Timeless Classic 1.JPG
  15. You are awesome!!! Thanks for all the updates...
    I love the Sharpey Bag!