Nordstrom Mall of America now has Balenciaga!

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  1. Just got back from Nordstrom at the Mall of America and they're carrying Balenciaga! WHOO HOO!

    They had a Ruby City RH that I was tempted by. I don't remember what else they had, but it seemed like a decent selection!

    If you call, ask for Lisa - she's so nice!
  2. Wow! Good to know. If I'm not mistaken then, the only Nordy's that carry Bal are in Arden Fair (Sacramento, CA) and MOA, yes?
  3. ^Yup, those are the only 2 Nordy's that do. I'm just excited that I get to see Balenciaga IRL in the Twin Cities.
  4. Isn't it so much better being able to touch and feel them?! I wish more Nordy's would carry Bal, if I could I would buy everything from them.