nordstrom mall of america is ridiculous

  1. So i went on the waiting list for the coco cabas at mall of america like 4 months ago and they swore up and down they would call me when it came in to make sure i still wanted it and they promised they would not charge me or send it before they confirmed that i still wanted it. well anyways i just went home for lunch and had a fedex door tag that i missed a package from Nordstrom mall of america. i had no clue what it was since i didnt order anything so i called them and finally figured out they had sent this bag without my authorization. so anyways i wasted my entire lunch break on the phone with them and im worried im gonna get some charge for exceeding my Nordstrom credit limit because of this stupid thing. i no longer want the coco cabas because i got the denim cabas from Saks a while back. so this really sweet girl leah answered in chanel and i feel so bad for bothering her because it was not her fault but she still agreed to help me and she got the shipping department to call fedex and have the bag rerouted back to Nordstrom. so i just hope it gets there and they credit my account before i get weird finance charges. im just aggravated that they would charge something to my card without calling me first when they swore they never charge stuff without calling and making sure the person still wants the thing. ahhhhh.
  2. As much as they always say they will not charge my CC, they always do. Im usually happy since its something I am waiting for, but if i no longer wanted it I imagine I'd be frusterated too.
  3. ITA...that's so strange that they didn't call first. My luck though, everytime I get on the waiting list for something they eventually forget to lmk the item has come in, and one day I'll go waltzing into the store and there it at least it came in and they remembered you....
    But that is terrible on their part, they definitely should've called first. I do hope it all gets sorted out and you're not charged anything since it wasn't your fault.
  4. For the record, as much as I am annoyed about this, I was so impressed by how Leah, the SA who answered my call, handled everything. It had nothing to do with her and she still went out of her way to look up the details and talk with shipping and receiving to have them contact Fedex. She could have just told me someone would call me back later when she realized who charged me but instead she apologized and took care of it herself. I am so impressed by her!
  5. ^^glad you had a good experience w/ her! Maybe you should let her manager know she did such a good job for rectifying someone else's mistake..? :yes:
  6. I actually just wrote an email to the store about how sweet she was. So hopefully they will get it and thank her. Because honestly if she had not have been so nice and helpful I would be fuming right about now.
  7. i always got charged by LV immediately once the LE bag become available and they never called me before sending the bag. and this happened to me many times from different LV stores, that makes me really upset too! i dont blame you.. they should call and confirm if we still want the bag or not..
  8. The exact same thing happened to me, no call I receive a bag and a $2000.00 charge on my account. I had asked about this bag eight months earlier and told her to put me on the list, well she quit but I still received the bag without anyone contacting me. Same Nordstrom.
  9. none of those SAs should be charging w/o authorization .... terrible
  10. actually it was funny the manager of the department called me last night and asked if i still wanted a coco cabas because they had some in stock. i started laughing and was like dont you know that one of the SA's already sent me one without my permission and ive been dealing with it all day. she had no clue. meanwhile i figured out which SA charged me but i wont reveal their identity because I don't want to me mean or get anyone in trouble.
  11. That sounds terrible and very unprofessional.:wtf: What if you had been on holiday or changed address???

  12. good point i hadn't thought of that. that would have been even more upsetting.
  13. Nordstrom at Mall of the America did the same thing to me a while back. I was so upset!
  14. Wondering if it was just one SA making the same mistakes or their general practice?
  15. I have not had this occur to me with three bags I've purchased from there - then again, none of them were waitlist items. My experience with MOA has been extremely positive to date; I've worked with Lucas/CHANELboy mostly but have spoken to Carolyn and Leah quite a few times already, and they seem extremely professional.

    I'm sorry that you were charged and hope that it all gets fixed. Hopefully you'll have a better experience next time!