Nordstrom look book has pics of Spring 08

  1. Hi ladies,
    I was at the Nordstrom at Canoga Park, Ca. today. I was chatting with the SA about Chloe bags, then I told her that I 've gone to Balenciaga. She said they had their Look Book and they could take orders for the new colors! I asked to see them and she showed me the book. I don't have it memorised, but they had Sky Blue( which I'm not sure if that's 08) and they had Electric Blue. Under each bag they listed the colors that it would be coming in. The Electric Blue was gorgeous and bright, but she showed it as a duffle bag. The Step was shown in Sky Blue, gorgeous light blue, and available only in a couple of other colors. I think they are only getting limited colors in each style. They had an orange looking bag, but it looked different from Jaune...they didn't have a First shown.
    I found this shocking since it seems to be quite a mystery so far with colors. They didn't have the green/sage listed or shown, but they had magenta and Bg pink listed , but no photos.
    Her name is Haley 818-884-7900
    She seemd very nice and knowledgeable!
  2. Thank you!!!!
  3. ooh! thanks chloebagfreak!
  4. No problem, always eager to help enable!:supacool:
  5. thanks. is magenta 08 color?
  6. Yes, it was listed , but I didn't see the shade in a picture. Sorry!
  8. ^^ I think that the only store that carries the bag is Sacramento. My local Nordies has a Balenciaga look book even though they don't carry the brand at that particular store.
  9. Orange? oooooo. What kind of orange is it???? This is so unexpected but so welcome! :yahoo:
  10. Chloebagfreak, did the electric blue look like this:

  11. No it semed darker and more saturated! I was thinking about that when I saw this photo. That one is closer to the sky blue only the sky blue looked softer and lighter.
    I think all of the Nordstroms will have this Look Book, but only Sacramento carries them in person.
  12. Aww..too bad...I love that color. I think it is actually the Turquoise '05 color.

    I may have to head to my Nordstrom's this weekend...thanks for the info!
  13. The orangey color was probably the jaune, but I don't know why they would show it as a new color. It may have been the lighting in the photo.
    The SA told me it was called something else like ivoire, which I'm pretty sure means white/off white. Jaune wasn't listed a sa color option. Weird!
  14. No problem Fiat. let me know what you find out!
  15. Thanks for the info! Do you know if Nordstrom gets Twiggys? I really want to get my name down for a Bubblegum Twiggy...