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  1. I just received a new card from Nordstrom. I'm now a "Level 2" customer!


    I love free shipping!!

    Plus, I get the sale catalogues sooner than everyone else?

    I love Nordstrom, their deals and their customer service!!

    Anyone else a level 2? 3 or 4?
  2. Congrats! exactly how much did you have to spend to get to level 2?? if you don't mind my asking ;)
  3. Congrats! The free shipping is definitely handy to have!
  4. $2000.

    Yes, free shipping is DEFINITELY HANDY. I've probably ordered 10 times since November! It adds up.
  5. I just got my level 2 card too!! Yippee....way to many handbag purchases though...LOL
  6. Congratulations! It's nice to get free shipping! =) I browse the website all the time just cuz of that...haha, might be dangerous tho, doesn't take long for you to move to level 3.
  7. I'm a level 3 thanks to my bag addiction. These days, 1 designer bag can get you to level 2. And if you are an addict like me, I'm a 3 on the way to 4...stop me!
  8. Haha really? You gals ae soo funny... i don't own any store credit cards... cut them all up a couple years back. Are there a lot of benefits?? I'm afraid of having too many credit cards...
  9. How come there's no magnetic strip on the card?

  10. There is no strip because they don't run the card or anything. Your Nordstrom's credit card is what records your purchases and adds to your rewards points. You don't really need the rewards card except to present at exclusive shopping events and stuff.
  11. ya, you never really use the card that they sent...I still don't know why I keep it in my wallet
Thread Status:
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