Nordstrom interview- outfit help!

  1. Hey guys! I'm so excited because i was just called by Nordstrom and now have an interview for an SA in the Saavy department! (my fave!):yahoo:

    This is my first 'real' interview and i'm a little unsure what to wear.. since it IS Nordstrom and i'm applying for a job with Saavy (they sell brands like True Religion, L.A.M.B., Michael Stars, DvF, Nanette Lepore, etc.) i figured i'd be fine being a little more 'fashion-y' and less suit-y business-y.

    The outfit i picked out is a Philip Lim 3.1 top that has a slight metallic sheen to it, draps wonderfully (not clingy) with front ruffle/button detail. It's highnecked but sleeveless and i was wondering if this is okay? The skirt is by LAMB, it's a black pencil skirt with a modern edge. I'd wear the top tucked into the skirt just slightly flowing overtop. I tried this on and it looked great but is it appriopriate? Shoes wise i'll be wearing some kind of closetoed or peeptoe pump in some kind of 'pop' color (not sure yet, i'll be going out and buying a new pair)

    Here's the top..


    and the skirt..

    Thanks so much for your help!!:wlae:
    1lambskirt.jpg 1philiplim.jpg
  2. any opinions/advice anyone?
  3. The skirt is adorable! I'm unsure about the top though.. it seems a bit too flashy for an interview, even if it is for Nordstrom's fashion section! I think something w/ sleeves may be more appropriate.

    Good luck, I hope you do well!
  4. Thanks for responding! I just tried on the outfit for my mom and she loved it and didn't think it was very flashy or anything.. The thing is i'm 18, i'm thin (small chest as well) and i don't think it comes off as too much on ME (hope this doesn't come off as conceited or anything..) The skirt fits me like a glove and the top isn't showing anything (it's not cut low on the armpits either) I decided i'm going to wear flesh toned neutral wedge heels with it instead of a 'pop color' to help keep it toned down..

    ^^ these are the heels
  5. I love the outfit!! Even if it is for a spot in Savvy I'd wear a top with at least a cap sleeve for an interview.
  6. Thanks! I'm thinking i may look for some kind of sheer short sleeved cardigan or something :smile:
  7. ^^ That would be so cute!! Good luck with your interview!!!
  8. I think that would work. Love it. Good luck to you.
  9. Thanks so much! I'll post here and let you know how it goes, interview is Monday! :yes:
  10. I would too since it's an interview. I think this outfit would be great for work.

    Do you have a blazer or cardigan that might work over it? It would make it a little more corporate without taking the uniquness out of the pieces.
  11. The top would be fine but I would wear a cardigan over it as suggested. I do think you need sleeves for an interview. If you can wear it once you start working, great, but it's always better to error on the side of caution when interviwing!

    Good luck!
  12. I found this cardigan by Free People, i'd just wear it open, do you think this will work?

  13. I wouldn't go with the metallic top. I think that the little cardigan would look more professional buttoned up. You want to look fashionable but you want to look professional too.
  14. For the Savvy department, I think that top and skirt would be adorable! But it needs something more. I would find a cropped, short-sleeved swing-style cardigan to layer on top. Something like this, but *unbuttoned* and in a different color:
  15. Sounds like great minds think alike! See my more recent post above^^ hehe :smile: