Nordstrom In Hawaii...finally!

  1. I'm so stoked Nordstrom will finally open in Hawaii on March 7th! I've read a thread where Gucci is sold at Nordstrom. Is it sold at all Nordstroms?
  2. No, unfortunately, not all Nordstroms carry Gucci, only select locations.
  3. Oh cool!! yeah, my nordstrom's doesn't sell gucci either. someone posted that their Nordtrom's in Washington State was having a gucci sale, so that's how i snagged up a bag.
  4. Unfortunately Seattle doesn't have a Gucci Boutique, but they have to sell Gucci SOMEWHERE, so the only place that sell Gucci is the Nordstrom at Bellevue Square.
  5. By the way, it's about time Hawaii gets a Nordstrom!!! WOOOHOOO! I'm excited for people who live on the islands!!
  6. I love Nordstrom. I've always had excellent customer service there. ENJOY!!
  7. I LOVE NORDSTROM! There's a sale at the seattle one? Do you know what bags are on sale?

    I just got a Signoria for $700 after taxes! (originally $1295 +tax). I made the purchase through phone, didn't hear about the sale though?
  8. No, the sale i was referring to was in November. But who knows, there might still some leftover bags hanging around.
  9. Downtown Seattle Nordstom has a Gucci boutique also. And yes, I was just there and they do still have some sale bags. Just call them up and ask what bags are on sale.
  10. There's only 3 Nordstroms have carry Gucci.
  11. I didn't know that any Nordstom carried Gucci at all- thought it was strictly a Saks/NM thing. My local Nordie's carries Chloe, YSL, Burberry, Versace, and Balenciaga though.
  12. the store opened this last friday to 1000 people.... i was going to go this weekend to check out the guccis, but now i'm bummed to hear that they might not have it. i hate driving to town!!!
  13. Hehe cashmerepug, don't drive to town, because they don't have Gucci there! They have a variety of brands there, but Gucci was not one of them. There was Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Juicy, L.A.M.B., etc. The new sections are really nice though, but I don't shop at any of the stores except Ann Taylor. Maybe when the hype dies down, you should drive to town and get a looksie, it would be worth it!
  14. :noggin::noggin: thanks!! saved me a big trip. the last time i went to ala moana, it took me 2 hours to get home to mililani due to the traffic. and there wasn't even an accident. auwe!!
  15. I so thought this Nordstorm would have a Gucci botique, I was reading in the papers that is going to be one of the biggest Nordstrom's. sighhh