Nordstrom in Aventura FL

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  1. Does anyone know if this store is open yet? And if it does/will carry BBags?

    *fingers crossed*- I'm going there this weekend.
  2. The ONLY Nordstrom that carries Balenciaga is Arden Fair, Sacramento. You can try Saks in Boca, NM in Bal Harbor
  3. I'm going there for the opening this weekend also! :smile: I've never seen B-bags sold in south florida. It is frustrating. I check Galleria and Boca Neimans and Saks. No luck! I will check Bal Harbour this weekend.
  4. Ha! Maybe we'll have mutual BBag sightings!

    Is the Neiman's in Bal Harbor a good one?
  5. Saks in Boca does carry them.
  6. Nordstroms opens in Aventura on Friday. I think they open early for some special preview or something. But no, i dont think theyll carry Bbags
  7. Bummer

    I'll check it out anyway, and if they do, I'll definitely let everyone know