Nordstrom has new stuff out today

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  1. Nordies in Cols OH had the new stuff out today. Neither of my Coach boutiques did. They had the whole line of the new brown patchwork and the blue patchwork carly. They (Nords) also had the green scarf stuff out too. The Coach SAs didn't know anything about the fruit or candy keyfobs when I asked them either.....
  2. It's so much fun to stumble upon new Coach products! I just love Nordies!! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  3. I so miss nordtroms! It was one of my favorite stores when I lived in Seattle. patchwork Carly? sounds there a pic somewhere of this?
  4. Iam going to one this evening. I will report if they have themat mine also. I wonder if they have the new satchel out yet?
  5. I saw some too I didn't like the new denim stripe with the legacy lining. Coach should have made that in all leather.
  6. I went to Nordstroms and not only did they not have anything out they did not know what I was even talking about. :wtf:
  7. Oooooh fun! I'll have to check out my Nordies tomorrow.
  8. I was just in our Nordstrom's on Friday. As an aside, does anyone else find it funny that they have the Coach and the Dooney & Bourke in cases but they have the $2,000 Chloes and YSL bags just sitting out for everyone to manhandle?
  9. Funny! I got the same reaction from the Coach shop SAs!
  10. I went to two different Coach stores hoping to get a preview like everyone else but they all waiting for Monday to put the new stuff out. I guess that this was just not meant to be. I really need to wait for PCE anyway.