Nordstrom has Black Coco Cabas

  1. Nordstrom at Mall of the America's has just recieved a shipment of Black Coco Cabas'. Call and ask for Lucas. I was on the waiting list but already got one. It should be the large size but you should confirm.
  2. ahhhhh....I wish they have Chanel at our Nordstrom!
  3. where is mall of america located???
  4. It is in Bloomington, Minnesota :yes:
  5. ooh thanks.
  6. Holy mack...they all went up in price...the small coco cabas are $1995. :yucky:
  7. I am on the list too for the black coco cabas and just called Lucas today, but he said I will receive my bag in the later shipments... I did ask him about the sizes and he said the baby cabas only comes in 1 size? And it will be the same as the previous baby cabas... I was really hoping for the large one. Does anyone know where I can get the large baby cabas?
  8. Lucas is right, the Baby Cabas only came in 1 size. Are you referring to the Original Coco Cabas with the CCs stiched on the bag? If so, Chanel is no longer making those, so your best bet would be either keep checking the stores and hope someone returns one or eBay.
  9. hey totoro :smile: Thank you for replying my question!

    No, I wasn't referring to the original cabas - I was looking at hellobabie's post of her new large baby cabas in the main Chanel forum.

    I called Bergdorf, the Chanel store in Boston (where I live), and 1800 Chanel, and Bergdorf actually confirmed there was one in the larger size, but they sold out. The Boston Chanel boutique and 1800 Chanel said they only had one. It seems like only a few SAs or stores know that there are two sizes.

    .. and I'm now just confused LOL
  10. I talked to the SA at NM so it appears that the new cabas is a slightly larger size although it looks like the baby cabas. I know it sounds confusing but if the SAs tell you the price is $1,995, I think it's the larger baby cabas looking one.
  11. Do you know where are you on the list? I just got the call from Lucas that they were going to ship me the bag. But since I already got mine, I passed on it. So, you might be able to still get it this shipment. Though, I'm not sure if this is really the small one or the larger quilted cabas. I got mine from Saks just last week and the price was $1795.

  12. hey aliao,

    which saks did u get ur cabas in if you dont mind me asking. thanks!

    and also...does anyone know what size are out right now?? im confused!:wtf:

  13. bag_addict,
    Okay now you have me confused as well, but I love that new chain on that cabas!! :p I'm 2nd on the wait list for a black baby cabas, but Lucas hasn't called me yet?? :confused1:
  14. So confusing! I ordered a white baby cabas last week from NM, and was charged $1,795 + tax for it. I guess we'll find out what the actual size is when I pick mine up at the store later this week.
  15. I got one from Saks michigan and one from Neiman Marcus palo alto. But will be returning the one from Neiman Marcus if you're interested. I paid $1795 for both, but Neiman Marcus charged CA tax.
    Either Nordstrom increased the price on their baby cabas or they actually have the larger one. I guess we won't find out until someone gets it from them.

    Totoro928: You should call Lucas if you're 2nd on the list, because I think I was 12th and he called me earlier today.