Nordstrom Half-yearly?

  1. Hey there-sorry to false alarm, but has anyone's SA released the dates of the Semi-Annual? I've got a few pair I'm looking to scoop up but my local Nordies doesn't carry CLs so I need to have my phone lines ready to dial out to other stores!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. i asked my SA a few weeks ago.. he said mid november?? he would text me asap when it started
  3. i didn't hear of any that are on sale for 1/2 yearly :cry:
  4. high end designer sale is at different time than half yearly. i would expect it around the beginning of december.

  5. yup.
  6. My SA mentioned the day after Thanksgiving. :cool:
  7. My sa just told me 2 weeks for designer sale
  8. ahhh thanks ladies! I so wish my local Nordstroms sold CLs :sad: lol If anyone hears of any cool sale 42s PM me pleaseeee! :smile:

  9. i have bought a pair of CLs from Tysons. Idk how they got there but I sure didn't ask:p
  10. I was told 2 weeks from today as well
  11. im looking into some ysls.....
  12. ^^Me too! I can't wait for the sales!
  13. My local Nordy's doesn't carry CL either. :crybaby: If anyone sees or hears of good sales on 39.5, 40 or 40.5 ... please let me know!
  14. asked my SA yesterday, he speculated the day after thanksgiving..... but no official dates yet
  15. Me three. I really want a pair of the orchidea tributes.