Nordstrom half yearly sale

  1. starts today... instore and online :love:
  2. ive just gotten back.. wasn't that great but i got some sunnies
  3. i just came back and i got my mom seven pair of cole haan shoes.
  4. 7 pairs of shoes for your mom? You are a very nice daughter!:flowers:
  5. thanks! i do a lot of shopping for her. if i leave her to her own devices, it can be dangerous. so maybe i am not that nice!
  6. i just went (am late for work, lol) and didnt end up getting anything :sad:. nothing good but my Nordies suck. need to get to a better one over the weekend. the only really good deals are in sunnies and i don't need another pair.
  7. I'll be heading over after work!:graucho:

    thanks vuittongirl!
  8. what sunglasses are for sale?
  9. I went before I had to be at Court to one by my house and then after Court, on the way back to the office at the one near work :P But I got 2 nice suits, 2 sweaters, a cardigan, a Lois Hill pendant, and a sheer, gauzy black top.

    The sale isn't "AMAZING" but I needed some new clothes for work.
  10. checked it out online and there were a few cute picks.. i didn't buy any though.
  11. AHH!! Must go to SCP now! I'll let you know what I see :flowers:
  12. The anniversary sale in mid-July is much better imo.
  13. I agree. I love the anniversary sale. Like I said, all I found today were shoes for my mom. The rest of what I got was regularly priced stuff.
  14. Well, I resisted going until today. I didn't want to be tempted, and I didn't want the heartbreak of seeing something I paid full price for on sale. :cry:

    There is still "stuff" left! Fortunately for me, nothing I had purchased previously, but I picked up a Mulberry Phoebe in Olive marked down 40%.

    Seeing all those expensive bags heaped in big casual piles, however, just blew my mind! :blink: One day you're behind the glass, and the next, tossed in a heap to be mauled by shopoholics.

    PS: Nordies has the new fall bags in ... MUCH to drool over! Many two-tone Mulberrys to long for. :love:
  15. Ok...just came back from SCP...they had a LOT of juicy and MJ bags, but in the middle of my shopping spree, it went PITCH BLACK :shocked:
    SCP had a power outage!!!! I could've just taken a bunch of bags and ran! :lol: Too bad I believe in karma and have morals...booo!!! ;)