Nordstrom Half-yearly sale Nov 7

  1. Does anyone know if pre-sale available?

    Or what they may be getting in for this?
  2. no, they usually don't do pre-sales for the half yearly; only for the anniversary. and the items are usually winter items that are somewhat similar to items they have now but probably a season before. HTH!
  3. The Half-Yearly Sale, as the name implies occurs 2x's a year. It's basically Nordy's "clearance" sale to move merchandise out. This sale that's coming up on the 7th puts pre-fall and early fall items on sale by 25-40% off.

    And generally there's no pre-sale since it's more of a mark-down on existing stock. They will get a few "basic" types of pieces in just for the sale, but it's mostly a clearance sale.

  4. I'm so excited for this event! I would suggest asking some employees. Some of my SAs in the clothing and shoes departments have let me know in advance regarding the markdowns and are letting me presale for those items. There's a ton of Phillip Lim, Rag & Bone, Milly, and Tory Burch being marked down. So definitely the list is already out.

    Unfortunately, the handbag section is only having a clearance, but the designer markdowns are expected in late November. Hope that helps!
  5. i work at the Nordstrom store in ny. (i'm a designer specialist in the handbag department) yes we will presell to you! for the sale we are getting in Nordstrom brand bags, sigrid olsen, biasia, elliot lucca, juicy etc. we might have designer markdowns the end of the month but i am not sure yet. store opens at 7 am on wed!
  6. Will there be any Marc Jacobs on sale for Nov. 7th? (wishing,wishing ......)
  7. not on november 7th. but around thanksgiving we will probably have designer markdowns. i am thinking some spring/summer marc, some michael kors, some chloe & celine too. i will find out about a day before and i will post exactly what is going on sale and i can take orders!