Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, AGAIN

  1. It starts Wednesday November 8. Do you know if they are doing a presale. Anyone been there this weekend because I can go tomorrow November 7 or I can go the 9th but if there is a presale I will go tomorrow.:nuts::graucho:;)
  2. Yes they are doing a presale
  3. Is there anyway to see what will be included in the sale online?
  4. holy freaking crap. And just when i take a vow to not buy anything for awhile. Please let it be online because I have NO time to go to the store
  5. Does anyone know if you can buy online????? There's something I want to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ^^ the sale is online as well but no presale online. anyone know what handbags will be on sale?
  7. How much percentage off are most items in their half-yearly sale?
  8. ^^ depends on the item. i think most ~30%
  9. Thanks ally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Will cosmetic brands go on sale too?
  11. I got a card in the mail.. I'll be going on Saturday bright and early in the morning, hehe
  12. I went to the Nordstrom in Topanga, which is freakin huge, by the way, and they said there wouldn't be many designer bags on sale... I think they said like 3 chloes, but didn't know which ones, and some michael kors... Will probably check it out anyway though.
  13. :upsidedown:

    When does the presale typically occur?? I just gave a call to the Nordy's in Sacramento and the concierge said there would be no presale except to come in early at 8 on Wednesday. :-/
  14. thank you so much for posting

    I was going to post asking when it was tonite if I didn't see anything about it.
  15. Will sunglasses, etc... be on sale?
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