Nordstrom gift with beauty purchase

  1. I don't know if anyone's posted this yet, but the gift-with-purchase with $95 of beauty products at Nordstrom is a blue train case filled with great samples.
    Happy shopping!
  2. no, I dont know what is the gift purchase, please post. thanks.
  3. Hi,

    Here is a link to the site, and here (if it posts) is an image of the free gift.
  4. Thanks a mil, I do need some make up.. got to go shopping now. :yes:
  5. Thanks!! I have their gift card!!!
  6. thanks for this.... maybe i can check into Nordies tomorrow.. hehe
  7. Hi,
    I just ordered a "qualifying" beauty purchase and am supposed to receive this gift. It'll be a few days, but if no one else has posted, I'll let you know what I get!
    Always ordering . . .
  8. the bulgari tea vert smells amazing! oh and go smile I've been wanting to try that weird thing, ooooooooooooh
  9. how do we know what "qualifies"? I didn't see it in my cart before I placed the order so I didn't order it yet.
  10. A qualifying purchase is at least $95 worth of beauty or fragrance products. If you have that amount in your cart but you don't see the free gift appear at the bottom, they might have run out...:s
  11. :crybaby:

  12. Is there a code. The gift isn't going into my basket and I have over $95:sad:
  13. No, there wasn't a code. I just went to the site to check it out, and, sadly, they are now sold out of the free gifts.
  14. You can try call the Beauty Hotline 18007232889 and press 2, place an order with request of the Train Case. I just called them yesterday and asked why it wasn't in my checkout cart, they said they would include the GWP in the order for me.
  15. Thanks!!