Nordstrom Event - Try Pre-Ordering Coach ASAP

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  1. Just an fyi - my SA called me today & she is putting away a denim Lg Carly for me - the last one at their store. I just want to make sure it isn't the dispay one because the one I saw last weekend was kind of blotchy (or are they supposed to be that way?)

    If you have the credit card - make sure you pre-order if you can.

    I am going to see if they have the accessories to match. Also going to check on a patent leather ergo...
  2. Are they on sale?

    I'd want the large carly but only if there'd be more off...
  3. I agree. I'm DYING for the large denim Carly but over $400 for a cotton bag is a little too much for me :shrugs:
  4. Hi. Their event is a rewards event. You get coupons back, based on what you spend.
  5. They are going to hold it for me. might try to see if Macy's has the wallet & wristlet. If anyone knows, post here or PM me! Thanks.
  6. I think I would rather go to Macy's and get the 20% off friends and family discount.