Nordstrom embellished pebbled hobo

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  1. What do you guys think? I like the white but it also comes in black, chocolate, and silver-white.


    Nordstrom embellished pebbled hobo
  2. It's cute! The studs on the handle instead of the body of the purse make it stand out from all of the other studded bags out there.
  3. I hate white bags!!! But this is one even I would purchase. I just love it. I don't think I would like in another color.
  4. I love it, I really think something looks so rich about a white bag in the summer. I say get it, I always say get it though!
  5. The more I look at it the more I like it. According to the description it has lots of pockets inside, which make it even more of a "yes" in my book.
  6. It's a very nice bag. It looks very similar to a Betsey Johnson bag I have.
  7. For the price it can't be beat...but I must tell you, I saw one in black, white and brown yesterday. I liked the white and black, but the brown was a blah color to me. The quality was very nice. :biggrin:

    Also, the strap is very long. It doesn't look like it in the picture, but when I tried it on, it is almost like it needs to go across the body or else it's down along your hips. I am 5'8".

    Nordstrom is super easy to take returns...if you end up not caring for it, so I say go for it!
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