Nordstrom does not honor pce price match

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  1. :sad:

    I tried twice to have nordstrom's price match to pce and both times the SA said that they don't do that. Then I called nordstrom's corporate to check and see if they would do it and they wouldn't. The csr suggested I return the purse and get it directly from JAX.

    So one phone call later, JAX said they would still give me pce since I returned the lpbag I got at the fp store with my pce. Thus my beautiful mia large maggie is oacked up and waiting for me to bring her npback to nordstrom's today and I am left purseless waiting for a shipping confirmation email. :sad:

    I'm also going to take my large khaki op art sabrina to get repaired since the stitching the separates the two multifunctional pockets as come loose. Has that happened to anyone else?

    (not really purse less since I'm rocking my walnut madison hippie today)
  2. I have always gotten the PCE discount at Nordies.
  3. If u could tell me how, id love to know so I could keep my current bag...
  4. maybe if you try a different store?
  5. I just gave them my PCE invite. Are you getting a PA or just buying?
  6. #6 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    I would love a pa. If not I'm going to return the bag. I wonder if I should call another nordies and see is they honor it.

    I showed them my invite too and they just told me no.
  7. It must depend on the SA? Nordie's honored my PCE last time around for a large wristlet that I bought. They really need to be consistent with this.
  8. the same thing happens with Macys...some will honor it, some won't. all depends on who you talk to it seems like. same with the getting a pce without being on the list even too, all depends who you talk to. so yeah, maybe try another location but I wouldn't count on it, sorry! I know how frustrating it is when you know other people have gotten it but you can't.
  9. I have done it before with PCE and Outlet Coupon...I think it depends on the SA/MANAGER...
  10. My Nordstrom has honored the PCE. In the past, they have had to call and verify that FP Coach had the same bag. (FP Coach is in the same mall) They then would honor the PCE and take the card. The last time I asked for PCE, the SA in handbags had to ask the Manager of Nordstrom. They wanted to be sure. This time, I asked and the Manager of handbags would allow it for only one bag. They didn't even ask for the coupon. (Maybe because I am at Nordstrom a little too much and the Manager and SAs in handbags know me too well!!! LOL ) I have never tried with the outlet coupons or Macys coupons.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. I went back today with my return and the sa was really nice and gave it to me!

    Now, when my second one comes in I'm going to have to go straight to my local fp store and return, but at least Im not bagless! Thanks you guys.