Nordstrom Designer shoe final markdown

  1. At the Flagship Seattle Nordstroms as well as some of the other Nordstroms with a large Salon shoes dept, they started their final markdown sale today. And nothing is over $199 on the clearance rack (so even if the shoes are $1500, they are $199)

    I bought a pair of Fendi originally $550 for $159 and Prada ballet flats for $109 originally $330. But hurry things are going fast!
  2. Thanks for the heads-up! I take it that only some of the previously-on-sale shoes went to clearance, right?.....I mean, the "final markdown" wasn't $199 for all designer/salon shoes that were on-sale during 1st & 2nd mark-downs, just the less popular styles/brands, correct? Gosh if Louboutin's all ended up $199 & below on the clearance rack I'd die in bliss (and shock!) LOL.
  3. YES, all shoes that were marked down for 1st & 2nd markdown are all $199 or below. They do this once or twice a year. I hope you find something good.
  4. Wow!!! What amazing deals .. too bad I was there just last Friday :sad: So sad I missed this! Good luck ladies and hope you find some amazing shoes !!
  5. Anyone know if any Nordstrom carry Lanvin shoes?
  6. oooommmmgggg on the phone with seattle right now
  7. Yes, I friend of mine got lanvin boots for $199.

    I know they don't have the clearance at all the stores, my guess will be the big ones with the higher end stuff like:
    Downtown Seattle
    South Coast Plaza
    Mall of America
    Tyson corner
  8. I was told its just Downtown Settle, Topanga and another one but I can't remember which.
  9. any ferragamo flats ?