Nordstrom Designer Sale Tomorrow

  1. The Nordstrom at ValleyFair in San Jose, CA is having a Shoe Designer sale starting tomorrow. They are reducing shoes (specifically, salon shoes) that they were not able to sell during the sale they had during Christmas. The SA there also mentioned that a lot of the Nordstrom stores around the country sent their stock of sale shoes to ValleyFair. I got a sneak peek and there were Ferragamos, Chloe's, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Rene C?, very few Jimmy Choos and Manolo's, D&G, Donna Karen, and more. I was able to score a pair of Chloe's for $150 marked down from $500 so thats about 70% off regular price.
  2. fabulous! I'll be up there this Friday!
  3. From my experience with Nordstrom salon shoes sales, Friday might be too late... All the good stuff is usually gone by noon on the day of the sale. If you thought the Saks day-after-Christmas sale was crazy, this is worse!