Nordstrom Designer Presale - Jimmy Choo

  1. My favorite SA at Nordstrom Bellevue is starting to presale designer bags for the 11/23 sale. She will have some Jimmy Choo's is emailing photos out on Monday. I asked specifically about the Mahala and Malena and they aren't going to be on sale. She did say there would be a chocolate Ramona with horizontal stripes on sale. I haven't seen that one. Just a heads up if anyone is interested. I hope the Jimmy Choo boutiques have more of a selection for their sale.
  2. I was in Nordies in Sacramento last week and they didn't have much. All the bags were black. Malena, Ramona, Alex I think. I am thinking of going over to Blomies in SF for the cruise party on the 29th tho.
  3. Hey starbuxxx - Is that Stacey or Marie in Bellevue? Both are pretty nice and enthusiastic about Choos! I am in that area and see either at the store. They usually have the best Choo selection locally, but there is never very much. Wish the buyer would order the Radiant, Ring, and Mahala.

    I went to Nordies in Downtown Seattle, today, for the pre-sale. Most of the A/W 07 and earlier will be 30% off. But the selection is not that great. Last week I saw the metallic eelskin striped Ramona you are talking about. Here is a link to it:
  4. JBurgh - My SA is Marie Allen - here's her email address. I've never been to the Bellevue store but someone on the board recommended her and she's great. I'm on her subscription list and get emails throughout the year with photos. She's sending out an email on Monday with all the sale pictures. I'm disappointed in the Choo sale selection but I did presale a Chloe Bay bag.

    JMCaden - I rsvp'd for the Bloomies Cruise party/presale. I can't wait to see what they put on sale!
  5. I went to Nordstrom in person today and the Malena in liquid plum and cognac is on sale as well as the plum and cogna wallet. They are 40% off.
  6. I also went to Nordies today - in Bellevue. There were only two Choo bags available for presale. One was the wildcat print Alex, and the other was a water snake Arad. All other sale Choos were snagged.
  7. I'm on the east coast for thanksgiving and went to Nordstrom in Towson, MD. They didn't have any of the sale Choos in stock but she said she could find one for me. I did presale the liquid plum wallet. She showed me a picture of the arad and it did look very nice.
  8. Starbuxxx...too funny...I went to the Nordstrom in Towson yesterday to check out the Choos..I was disapppointed.
  9. I agree - they only had about 3 Choos out and none of them were on sale. The SA pulled out the sale listing and showed me the list. I ended up presaling the liquid plum wallet from the Nordstrom Bellevue SA.