Nordstrom Designer Presale - Chloe

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  1. I just got an email from my favorite Nordstrom SA in Bellevue, WA and she is presaling now. She's going to email out all the photos of the sale bags on Monday but if you know a particular style you can email/call her to confirm if it is onsale. She said no paddington capsules are on sale but the quilted and non-quilted Bays will be 40% off. I presaled a moka medium non-quilted Bay satchel - $1680 on sale for $999. They will ring it up on 11/23. Here's her info if anyone is interested.

    Marie Allen
    Nordstrom Bellevue Square
    Designer Handbags
    (p) 425.455.5800 ext. 1255
  2. i stopped by Nordstrom arden today and presaled paddy capsule tote for $1089. there were lots of keralas, a couple of audras, one mocha ava and one elvire. call barbara at 916-646-2400 ext. 1250 if you're interested in any of these :smile:
  3. Lyline - I did call Barbara - she is so nice - and discussed what bags were available. She is not sure what you bought. I am curious as to the size and color of the capsule Paddington you bought? Is it a patent? Is it the medium satchel? Sorry to be a bother but we have to clarify!!!
  4. ah HAH! That is so beautiful!!! I have the larger version even than that in black and I want the domed capsule in patent. It would be great if all the SA's were as knowledgable as WE are about all these styles - LOL!. Thanks for posting the pic, Lyline! I know you will love it big time!
  5. I was at the Nordstorm in Tyson's Corner, VA, yesterday. No patents were on sale. They did have a tall dome shaped paddy with a lock on the top in black and a camel color on sale. They had the capsule medium tote in dark green, ivory and goldish tan on sale. They had the kerla totes in bronze and pewter on sale. There were some other chloes on sale, but I'm not sure of the names.
  6. anybody spotted the regular paddy?
  7. These bags are on sale now at Nordstroms, Seattle, WA. Contact Peggy Urban (206) 628-1253. The price is part of the picture name.
    Tote with small gold chain WAS$1825 NOW$1089.90.jpg Tote Blk WAS$1800 NOW$1079.90.jpg Small satchel mocha WAS$1800 NOW$1079.90.jpg Sm frame satchel blk antilope mocha WAS$1920 NOW$1149.90.jpg Sm dome cafe WAS$1480 NOW$879.90.jpg
  8. More bags from Peggy, Nordstrom, Seattle, WA.
    Hobo whiskey and ivory WAS $1490 NOW$889.90 black not marked down.jpg Lg dome cafe WAS$1705 NOW$1019.90.jpg Lg double zip satchel blk ivory tan WAS $1970 NOW$1179.90.jpg Lg frame satchel antilope WAS$2185 NOW$1309.90.jpg Lg satchel bronze and silver WAS$1285 NOW$769.90.jpg
  9. More bags from Peggy, Nordstroms, Seattle, WA.
    Lg Tote blk not pictured red tobacco WAS$1980 NOW$1179.90.jpg NS double zip satchell blk WAS$1635 NOW$979.90.jpg NS Satchel ivory and taupe WAS$1980 NOW$1179.90 OTHER COLORS NOT MARKED DOWN.jpg Satchel blk WAS$1635 NOW$979.90 RED NOT MARKED DOWN.jpg
  10. Bags from Peggy, Nordstrom, Seattle, WA.
    Satchel single zip bronze and silver WAS$1095 NOW$654.90.jpg Shoulder mocha WAS$1370 NOW$819.90.jpg
  11. Wow, those are some lovely bags in Seattle too! :tup:
  12. Wow!