Nordstrom Designer Pre-Sale Event

  1. Last night I received call from my shoe SA at Nordstrom indicating they are doing pre-sale for the Designer merchandise going on sale 11/28. I stopped by and pre-sold two pair of boots - 1 each of Prada and Gucci. The boots will be 30% off and from what I was told, pre-sale is going on in most designer departments. I didn't get a chance to go to handbags, but I am sure they are doing the same.

    Neiman Marcus does not start their pre-sale until the Sunday after Thanksgiving....

    I purchased the flat version of the Prada boot in brown suede for $679 and the Gucci Britt boot will be $767.
  2. my Nordstrom doesn't have high-end designer shoes...would you mind PMing me with your SA's info? thanks!
  3. I just spoke to the Gucci Dept at the Topanga Nordstrom. They're having there sale the same time Gucci is and they are price matching everything.
  4. OH, and they arent pre-saleing yet, nor do they have a list of things that will be on sale.
  5. When is Gucci having their sale?
  6. Are you talking about the Gucci handbags or Gucci shoes? If you are wondering which shoes are going on sale give my SA a call at Tysons Corner - 703 761 1121 ask for Salon Shoes and my SA's name is Barbara Olund.
  7. alright gotta call to see if the burberry riding boots are on sale.