Nordstrom Deals in SF - Bulga, Gustto, Botkier, Kooba

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  1. I had to go to union square to return something, so i stopped by Nordstroms in the sf centre.

    What I saw:
    • Bulga coin frame multi-pocket bags in brown and taupe on sale for ~350
    • Gustto Medium Setela Totes in a caramel color for ~400
    • Botkier Bombay Tote in black (can't remember the price)
    • Kooba Sloane in black (can't remember the price)
    Just thought I'd let you know! :graucho:
  2. tnx for the tip!
  3. I saw the Botkier Bombay in blue at the Seattle store (#1) last week. They had it marked down to around $400.
  4. Thanks!
  5. I must check out my Nordstrom here in Woodland Hills! Thanks for the tip!
  6. Sounds like it's time to pay the Providence Nordstrom a visit! Haven't been in a while but when I do go and hopefully soon, will certainly keep that in mind! :heart:
  7. Yesterday I saw a couple black Botkier East West Satchels at the Nordstrom in Bethesda for about $400
  8. They will all be getting a second markdown on Thursday, May 24th. My SA presold me a nice Gustto Baca at the second markdown price.
  9. Adoptastray: Did you get a large or small Baca? I am looking for one on sale in SF... if you think there might be more, let me know your SA's name, and I'd love for her to try to find me one too! I'm so jealous of you! TIA! :smile: