Nordstrom Customer Appreciation Day (May 4th)

  1. Nordstrom Customer Appreciation Day: Thursday May 4th, 2006
    Nordstrom cardholders get triple points.

    I don't know how good this offer is, any regular users of Nordstrom cards?

    I only use my Citi or American Express card for all my purchases so that I can pay it all off at once. I hate having too many statements at the end of the month.
  2. Nordies only gives 1% back for using their card normally so the offer brings it up to 3%. better than nothing i guess.
  3. ^^^ Yikes, 1% off is pretty bad. I don't like having too many cards either, so one of my main cards is a Citi Platinum Dividends card. I get 5% back for groceries, drugstores, and GAS!! and 1% for everything else...
  4. citi is the best :smile:. the only dept store cc i use is bloomies cuz it gives 3% back and up to 9% when they have sales.
  5. I only use my american express. I never really look into how many % they give back. Maybe I should :smile:
  6. The Customer Appreciation Nights vary for each location. And you usually have to be invited to attend since the store is closed. Nordy's has some thing where if you spend $1500 per quarter or something like that you're invited, or if you have a Nordstrom Signature Visa, you're automatically invited, or your SA can "invite" you. Each store has slightly different policies. I think the triple points is may be inaccurate.

    The ones I've attended give you 10 points for every $1 and at 2000 points you get a $20 gc. So basically at every $200 spent, you'll get a $20 gc on the customer appreciation nights--10% back. They usually do free shipping on those nights, there are little free GWP's in cosmetics, or freebies after you spend X amount in a particular department. They also usually serve drinks and food--it's a fun way to shop.
  7. I second that!! thanks for the 411
  8. When I called Joseph on Sunday (to thank him for helping me with DHL tracking numbers), he mentioned Nordstrom having triple points on Thursday. I never know how the point system works with/without triple points. =) My sister loves earning points, I better not tell her. Even if the deal's very good, I have to stear clear of handbags -- I spent more than I wanted to on F&F events. =)

    I was told I can get 2 points for every dollar spent when a SA looked up my Nordstrom card recently. I still stick to Citi/AmericanExpress/ATM only, my wallet is pretty full with DL, AAA, health insurance card. The less card I have, the better it is for my wallet. -)
  9. wow, i need to get this card!
  10. YES! That's my main card also! I still have my amex blue cash, but they give me nothing! For the same amount I spend, on amex I would only get about $7 and on my citi I would get about $90 (give or take, I tested using one for a few months then the other for a few months). They're definitely the better deal.